About Us

Captain Nelson grew up fishing these waters all of his life, his dad was the first one to show him the ropes of fishing. He learned the key ingredients to success of fishing wasn’t about putting out the right rig or using the right bait. Instead, Captain Nelson learned the importance of the fellowship and joy which came from a day out on the water. Here at Topsail Fishing Company, we understand the true importance of fishing. Fishing is much more than reeling in “the big one” but rather it is about the everlasting memories we create with our loved ones and having our tales of success with our loved ones.

Today, Captain Nelson understands that these memories bring true connection to family and friends. For these reason Captain Nelson strives to make your day out on the water as comfortable and enjoyable as possible because he has a true passion for fishing and care for others. Captain Nelson is looking forward to serving and creating these everlasting memories for you!

Captain Nelson and the Sweat Equity

Meet the Captain

Captain Nelson is a licensed Master Captain who has been fishing these waters ever since he was a child. From growing up fishing with his dad to fishing with many local captains, Captain Nelson has an expansive knowledge of our local waters and the fish that reside in it. He has a true passion for the outdoors ranging from searching for the elusive whitetail deer in the mountains to offshore fishing on the coastline. Whenever he is not working you will find him either fishing with his family or spending time in the mountains with close friends.

Young Captain Nelson and his dad
Teen Captain Nelson with dad, friends and a great haul of Mahi Mahi
Older Captain Nelson